Small-Scale Fundraising, what is that?

Small-scale Fundraising?

Fundraising in Finland has always been strictly controlled, and mainly NGOs with a fundraising permit have been able to arrange money collecting.

In March 2020, however, the new fundraising act will come into force. The new act will allow small-scale fundraising, meaning that group of minimum of 3 persons (Finnish permanent residents) are able to arrange a money collecting twice per year, each collection can be worth of EUR10,000 max.

This brings a lot of new opportunities for individuals willing to roll up their sleeves and make an impact. We Encourage is here to help those looking for ways to help to empower women and girls. With our fundraising platform we make it easy for small-scale fundraisers to create a cause and kick start their fundraising.

Learn more about the new fundraising act.

How does it work?

We Encourage Fundraising is a digital service that guides you step by step through the process of creating the fundraising cause. With our help you can estimate the needs for the cause. There is also guidance to fill in the necessary announcement to the police, we even help you with planning the fundraising marketing campaign with our premade marketing package, and We Encourage will help you with marketing the cause! And, the most important, we help with follow-up, how and where the money is being spent.

After the fundraising is done, we require follow-up, where and how the money is being spent, also police needs to have a report of how the money was used. In addition to the report, we require pictures and videos to showcase the donors what good has been done with the collected money.

We are looking for pilot testers!

Would you like to be the very first ones to start their own causes? If you have always dreamt of making an impact but have not been sure how, here is your chance!

Start your own cause!

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