Nicehearts’ WahvaNainen offers localized maternity clinics counseling

Nicehearts was established in 2001 with the aim to produce community-based activities for girls and women of different ages and backgrounds. Our mission is to enable girls and women to find their own place in society as its equal and unique members. All Nicehearts work is based on strong gender and culture sensitivity.

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Nicehearts’ localized maternity clinic counseling reaches immigrant women with special needs, such as loneliness, homelessness, domestic violence and abuse, weak financial situation, challenges in child upbringing, experiences of externality, and lack of leisure time.

Counseling is often long-lasting, individualized, and comprehensive. The aim is to support these women and their families, to mend and prevent. Nicehearts’ counseling is reinforcing the health services provided by the city.
This counseling provides the possibility to recognize the women who’ve survived abuse and to recognize their needs. We pursue to make the professionals notice more easily women who are under the threat of domestic or honor-based violence.

The organization to answer the needs of current immigrant women counseling

Nicehearts does localized work to aid immigrant mothers. Previously the organization provided its services in seven child health centers in Vantaa and Espoo. Now, the lack of funding they’re able to operate only in Espoo. Funding is extremely hard to get and the effortfor this cause compared to the need is completely insufficient.

The short-term effects for counseling are visible in the individuals; when a woman is given the aid for daily routines, the feeling of loneliness, powerlessness, and helplessness is decreasing, with self-esteem increasing. The woman in the care of the counseling will have her health improved and independency rebuilt, making it possible for her to have a future of
her own making — impacting her children and family’s wellbeing. The counseling program by Nicehearts can be calculated to make at least EUR 88,5 M. savings during the lifetime of the aided women.

We aim to reach 300 women in a year with localized maternity clinic counseling, multiply that with the estimated EUR 295 000 of a person’s lifetime expenditure, and the total amounts to 88,5 million euros. That is how much savings Nicehearts’ counseling program will create.

NOTE! These activities offered by Nichearts might be the only place a woman can attend outside their homes. Also, for many, it might be the only way to get to know people outside their own community.

We Encourage is on a mission to empower women and girls under oppression. We act as a fundraising agent and build open source AI tool for victims of violence.

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