Corporate Social Responsibility: An Introduction

We Encourage is excited to be launching our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) packages, but not everyone is aware of what CSR is. Here is a handy guide to CSR and our packages.

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What is CSR and Why Should Businesses Care?

Progressive businesses are being held accountable by consumers more than ever. These consumers don’t just want to see economic outputs but they also want to be able to trust that the companies they invest in are being responsible for wider society and the world. Consumers are increasingly monetarily voting for the moral and ethical obligations of a company. No longer is a good business purely having economic success. With the internet providing more transparency than ever, a good business also needs to act in good, responsible ways for society.

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CSR is a business plan to incorporate social concerns with business operations. This ensures that consumers can observe the causes that companies are working with, and see how they are helping society prosper. By donating, volunteering, partnering and engaging with charities, local outreach and environmental concerns a positive image is created, and a business becomes socially accountable.

The increase of investment in businesses that are investing socially shows a shift in consumer trends that progressive companies will take note of in order to establish a good reputation. CSR is important for maximising profits, the brand, as a component of corporate public relations and also for prosocial objectives. Creating a positive social image of responsibility is important, especially as it can create an ethical principle for the company, improve morale and create a positive influence.

However, the means to be socially responsible can be elusive, especially in choosing which activities to participate in. A We Encourage package helps show consumers that the company is in line with UN Social Development Goals, and that it supports gender equality, women empowerment and girl’s education.

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How Companies Can Contribute to CSR

CSR has been made easy by We Encourage’s philanthropic programme. Companies can choose a package. We currently have 3 packages, #actiontaker, #impactmaker and #lifechanger- which occur in increasing monetary increments. Your company can choose a cause, or we can recommend one, to donate too, with a link provided by us. In return a badge will be given to add to a website, as proof of your contribution, as well as follow up media posts as marketing support, dependent on your chosen package.

We would love businesses to join us and make an impact on our mission to make the world a better place for girls and women. If this is something your company would be interested in, or if you know of a company whose values align with ours, please get in contact!

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Our Packages


  • Donations up to €1000
  • Proof badge and 1 marketing support post


  • Donations up to €5000
  • Proof badge and 3–5 social media marketing posts


  • Donations above €5000
  • Customizable package including podcasts or a social media campaign

Find more information about our CSR program here

We Encourage is on a mission to empower women and girls under oppression. We act as a fundraising agent and build open source AI tool for victims of violence.

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