We are back with meeting our wonderful team. This time Dagmar, one of our AI team is up!

She became involved when looking for a work practice placement for her Finnish language course and became excited to join this “worthwhile project with an important mission.” Prior to this she worked as a business intelligence analyst, data warehouse developer and then moved to Finland and began studying the language!

Dagmar works on our conversational AI Tool for victims of domestic violence, which will be piloting soon amongst adults. Our customers will be able to connect at any time day or night…

The mission to end domestic violence is not easy. Too often, the work towards ending domestic violence is a responsibility of the victims. However, there are ways to include the perpetrators and the community. #takeaction podcast guest Chris Godsey, Domestic Violence Restorative Circles Program Coordinator at Men as Peacemakers Association talks about the Duluth model and his work with abusive men.

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The Duluth Model

The Duluth model gets its name from the city of Duluth, Minnesota, where the model was first implemented. Essentially, the Duluth model is a philosophy to responding to domestic violence. It is a community-focused approach, suggesting that the root cause of domestic violence lies in social norms.

The Duluth model was developed by Ellen Pence and her colleagues in Minnesota in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Ellen and her colleagues found that when the police were called to address a case of domestic violence, their focus was on the victim (woman) and their behaviour. The police often addressed…

In September 2020, We Encourage started our very first piloting cause with Sharon Elizabeth Freundlich from Dalit Women Forum to support girl children and give them the chances to go back to school. Here are our latest updates from Sharon:

My journey so far in trying to support three girls to get back to school

I was unable to visit the girls as there were too many COVID-19 cases in the slum. However, Dalit Women Forum (DWF) volunteer made several attempts to visits the girls’ parents to counsel them so they could send the girls back to school.

It was…

We recently published a blog on women empowering women. But that is not the whole story. Fortunately, many men empower women too, be it colleagues, friends or family. Women have been historically oppressed as a second gender but change can come when the powerful use their privilege to boost the oppressed and help them. This is especially helpful in male dominated fields, such as STEM and AI, where women are underrepresented.

Finland needs to open up for diversity in organizations and see the value in international talents. #takeaction podcast guest Kristina Sweet is a Canadian who moved to Belgium to work in Finnish company, Kone. Kristina ended up living in Finland and she understands by experience the hardships immigrant women face while seeking employment.

Finland has a great pool of talented international people who don’t seem to find a place to work in Finnish job market. Especially women face challenges and, it doesn’t help at all that governmental institutions, such as EVA, published a study claiming that immigrant background women choose to stay at home taking care of kids, rather than work, because of the social benefits. Drawing straight lines like this, while so many educated, talented immigrant women are desperate for being rejected over and over again from open job positions, if they are even lucky to get that far! We have a…

As a company working for the empowerment of women, International Women’s Day is important to us. We have recently launched Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) packages which we would love companies to engage in, but even without doing this there are plenty of ways for companies to get involved on International Women’s Day, to empower women and show their ethics, morals and an awareness of social responsibility.

Socially responsible businesses can do a variety of CSR activities for International Women’s Day, which is especially important as gender equality in education and the workplace is still a global goal. The World Economic…

We Encourage is excited to be launching our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) packages, but not everyone is aware of what CSR is. Here is a handy guide to CSR and our packages.

What is CSR and Why Should Businesses Care?

Progressive businesses are being held accountable by consumers more than ever. These consumers don’t just want to see economic outputs but they also want to be able to trust that the companies they invest in are being responsible for wider society and the world. Consumers are increasingly monetarily voting for the moral and ethical obligations of a company. No longer…

We Make Change is a movement of over 20,000 ChangeMakers from more than 100 countries volunteering their skills to address the challenges the world faces today.

Our #takeaction podcast guest is the COO of We Make Change Jens Christian Trier.

We Make Change was founded when Social Enterprise & NGO consultant James Sancto discovered there were so many people who wanted to use their skills to support the causes they care about, but didn’t know how they could.

We Make Change was created to enable anyone, anywhere to use their skills to make the change they want to see.

Our team now includes professionals from across the NGO, tech and corporate sectors. We are working together to ensure anyone, anywhere can use their skills to make…

Nicehearts was established in 2001 with the aim to produce community-based activities for girls and women of different ages and backgrounds. Our mission is to enable girls and women to find their own place in society as its equal and unique members. All Nicehearts work is based on strong gender and culture sensitivity.

Nicehearts’ localized maternity clinic counseling reaches immigrant women with special needs, such as loneliness, homelessness, domestic violence and abuse, weak financial situation, challenges in child upbringing, experiences of externality, and lack of leisure time.

Counseling is often long-lasting, individualized, and comprehensive. The aim is to support these women and their families, to mend and prevent. Nicehearts’ counseling is reinforcing the health services provided by the city.
This counseling provides the possibility to recognize the women who’ve survived abuse and to recognize their needs. …

#takaction podcast vieraana Marianne Mela, joka toimii tutkijana Poliisiammattikorkeakoulussa. Marianne on taustaltaan poliisi, jolla on pitkä työhistoria rikostutkinnasta ja poliisin ennalta estävässä toiminnasta.

Lähisuhdeväkivalta koskettaa maailmanlaajuisesti joka kolmatta naista. Viimeisimmän Euroopan laajuisen tutkimuksen mukaan vuodelta 2014 Suomi oli Euroopan toiseksi väkivaltaisin maa naisille ja vuotuiset kustannukset 1,2 miljardia euroa. Lähisuhdeväkivalta on monelta osin tabu, josta ei kehdata tai uskalleta puhua. Kuitenkin, se koskettaa liian montaa naista jokaisessa yhteiskuntaluokassa. Suomessa väkivallan kokijoiden tukijärjestemä ja avun tarjoajien sekä sidosryhmien koulutus ei ole sillä tasolla kuin sen kaltaisessamme hyvinvointivaltiossa kuuluisi olla.

Kuuntele podcast:


Marianne Mela on mukana IMPRODOVA -projektissa, joka pyrkii kahdeksassa EU maassa parantamaan lähisuhdeväkivallan uhrien kanssa työskentelevien viranomaisten ja muiden toimijoiden yhteistyötä.


Tutkimuksessa selvitetään, miten poliisi ja muut ensi käden toimijat, kuten terveys- ja sosiaalialan…

We Encourage

We Encourage is on a mission to empower women and girls under oppression. We act as a fundraising agent and build open source AI tool for victims of violence.

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