Erica Terranova is an International talent living in Finland. She has experienced first hand how difficult it can be to navigate one’s career as an international woman in Finland. She also has a PhD in Sociology of Cultural Phenomena. Erica talks about the discrimination women face in the job market and the gender gap in tech industry.

Gender Discrimination in Tech

Studies show that diverse companies are more successful than less diverse companies. It makes sense for businesses to aim for a more diverse workforce. Despite this, the change is slow. Although the current trend is to hire more…

When hearing the word “menstruation”, many think of the period and bleeding. Menstrual cycle is a lot more than that, though — it is an ongoing process of changing hormonal levels that affects the whole body. Carmen Lorenzana, a menstrual educator, talks about how one can learn more about oneself through understanding of their menstrual cycle.

Carmen’s Story

Carmen got the initial inspiration to learn about the menstruation cycle once she had been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Wanting to understand her hormones, she started to do research. She got so passionate about the…

In the next installment of our team interviews it is a delight to introduce Trang. She has worked with us over a year after looking for a company to use in her project about Growth Hacking. She was drawn to We Encourage’s impactful mission on creating gender equality, and the quick reply to her inquiry on a Sunday!

She was particularly drawn to our mission as, having moved to Finland from Vietnam, she felt that Finnish life was much more equal, whereas gender equality was a bigger problem and really important back home. It is one of the three things…

Finland is often in the news when it comes to gender equality and wellbeing. The happiest country in the world, second best country to be a girl, second best country for mothers’ wellbeing, and other praising titles are given to Finland. However, even with all the societal achievements, current problems should not be ignored. Finland is the 2nd most violent country for a woman in Europe, and 77% of victims of domestic violence in Finland are women.

Finland is a country often credited for all things wellbeing. The happiest country in the world (WHR 2021), the third most gender-equal country…

Please meet our Graphic Design Intern Dianna, who is responsible for the video content you see from us.

She became a part of We Encourage through excitement about the product and message of the company- to help women across the word facing violence and forced marriage. She has the desire to empower others and learn, but also be creative and experimental. In her own words “ I value the opportunity to finally do something that can help women and girls and influence our society in a lot of ways by spreading the information about problems that aren’t usually talked about.”

The common narrative in Finland holds that it is incredibly difficult for international talents, especially if they are women, to find a job in Finland. IWWOF, International Working Women of Finland, aims to change the prospects of International talents by working with job seekers and collaborating with organisations and companies. Caroline Bondier, the Chair of IWWOF talks about the mission and the community of IWWOF.

From 5 to 5000

IWWOF was born in August 2019. The story of IWWOF begun with a meeting of five people. One of the founders, Galith Nadbornik, wanted to help other international talents by telling the success stories of those who had managed to find a job. The original idea was to network through a Facebook group; to have a safe space for women to discuss, exchange, and to empower and support each other in their career journey in Finland.

Pretty quickly, the idea took off and they had meetings for 60 women in Helsinki. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, they were able to…

We are back with meeting our wonderful team. This time Dagmar, one of our AI team is up!

She became involved when looking for a work practice placement for her Finnish language course and became excited to join this “worthwhile project with an important mission.” Prior to this she worked as a business intelligence analyst, data warehouse developer and then moved to Finland and began studying the language!

Dagmar works on our conversational AI Tool for victims of domestic violence, which will be piloting soon amongst adults. Our customers will be able to connect at any time day or night…

The mission to end domestic violence is not easy. Too often, the work towards ending domestic violence is a responsibility of the victims. However, there are ways to include the perpetrators and the community. #takeaction podcast guest Chris Godsey, Domestic Violence Restorative Circles Program Coordinator at Men as Peacemakers Association talks about the Duluth model and his work with abusive men.

Listen the podcast

The Duluth Model

The Duluth model gets its name from the city of Duluth, Minnesota, where the model was first implemented. Essentially, the Duluth model is a philosophy to responding to domestic violence. It is a community-focused approach, suggesting that the root cause of domestic violence lies in social norms.

The Duluth model was developed by Ellen Pence and her colleagues in Minnesota in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Ellen and her colleagues found that when the police were called to address a case of domestic violence, their focus was on the victim (woman) and their behaviour. The police often addressed…

In September 2020, We Encourage started our very first piloting cause with Sharon Elizabeth Freundlich from Dalit Women Forum to support girl children and give them the chances to go back to school. Here are our latest updates from Sharon:

My journey so far in trying to support three girls to get back to school

I was unable to visit the girls as there were too many COVID-19 cases in the slum. However, Dalit Women Forum (DWF) volunteer made several attempts to visits the girls’ parents to counsel them so they could send the girls back to school.

It was…

We recently published a blog on women empowering women. But that is not the whole story. Fortunately, many men empower women too, be it colleagues, friends or family. Women have been historically oppressed as a second gender but change can come when the powerful use their privilege to boost the oppressed and help them. This is especially helpful in male dominated fields, such as STEM and AI, where women are underrepresented.

We Encourage

We Encourage is on a mission to empower women and girls under oppression. We act as a fundraising agent and build open source AI tool for victims of violence.

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