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We Encourage

“Our story began with Hanna. Hanna was a young girl from

a small town in Germany. Tragically, following a night out with friends, she decided to leave and walk the short distance home alone and just 8 hours later she was found dead in a ditch. This story, along with many others is why we came to the realisation that something was fundamentally broken in society. …

“Earlier, a nurse told me something was going on with my baby daughter. She did not cry and did not start to sit up, stand up, or talk. The teacher of my son was worried about his mental health because of his drawings. I knew something was going on in our home, but I did not recognise the seriousness at all.”

Em Seikkanen, Head of Content and Communications at Claned

Em has a women’s studies degree and she has presented at the (US) National Women’s Studies Association on rape culture and masculinity. She has also studied male identities as a driver of authoritarianism in US politics. These things she has really been passionate about personally and politically for well over a decade.

“If my story raises consciousness and gets people talking, then that’s what I’m trying to do.” Em Seikkanen

#TakeAction podcast

We Encourage

We Encourage is on a mission to empower women and girls under oppression. WE develops a customizable AI tool to help victims of domestic abuse.

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