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Sexual harassment is a common phenomenon worldwide. Although men are also victims of sexual harassment, the majority of victims are women. The good news is that in today’s world, movements like #MeToo has put a spotlight on sexual harassment. The bad news is that sexual harassment is still extremely common and can have grave consequences to the victim. We Encourage interviewed Ellimari Kortman from Hyvinpitely for this article.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined by the UN as follows:

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favour, verbal or physical conduct or gesture of a…

“Earlier, a nurse told me something was going on with my baby daughter. She did not cry and did not start to sit up, stand up, or talk. The teacher of my son was worried about his mental health because of his drawings. I knew something was going on in our home, but I did not recognise the seriousness at all.”

My husband had a lot of stress, we all felt it at the time. I thought he was depressed and I wanted to help. I tried to cope by making adjustments. I started to work more so he could work less. I did the household chores after my work so he could relax more. When there was Sports on the TV, I took the children upstairs so he could watch quietly. Despite all this, he kept getting angry and upset. He yelled more and more and my son was beaten regularly in front of his little sister. He used to…

Em Seikkanen, Head of Content and Communications at Claned

Em has a women’s studies degree and she has presented at the (US) National Women’s Studies Association on rape culture and masculinity. She has also studied male identities as a driver of authoritarianism in US politics. These things she has really been passionate about personally and politically for well over a decade.

Em has been subject to violence in her relationship, and she has been sexually assaulted by men. Gender based violence is way too common and too many victims are being silenced.

“If my story raises consciousness and gets people talking, then that’s what I’m trying to do.” …

When we think of stalking we think of media portrayals. Being followed home, to and from work, people ringing your house. We think of a physical threat, the shadow you see when you glance to either side, the footsteps you hear when walking at night, letters being sent, someone refusing to leave you alone and making unreasonable demands.

This still happens, with the alarming frequency of 1 in 6 females and 1 in 17 males being stalked at some point in their lifetime and about half indicating it occuring before the age of 25. But with the rise of social media the world has become more dangerous and cyber stalking can create a feeling of insecurity that the limitations of physical stalking do not have. You can escape physical stalking, but bar being off the grid it is difficult to erase the natural extension of cyber stalking. …

Are you an international talent living in Finland? Wonder where to find support and information to help you navigate in the Finnish work life and society? In our #takeaction podcast, Petra Kucharová from Mastering Finland Podcast talks about the podcast she and her friend created when they were wondering how to find their place in Finland.

Although one of the hot topics in Finnish news is the need to attract more international talent to the Finnish job market, the reality does not always correspond to the ideal. Language barriers, discrimination against foreign diplomas, and slow official processes make it harder for international students to stay in Finland after studies. What are the challenges international talents face in Finland, and what could Finland do to help them to stay? Listen to the podcast in Soundcloud:

Coinmotionin toimitusjohtaja Heidi Hurskainen kertoo #takeaction podcastissa lohkoketjuteknologiasta ja kryptovaluutoista, sekä alan kehityksestä ja sen tarjoamista mahdollisuuksista. Vaikka ala on miesvaltainen, myös naisia on paljon mukana alalla, ja hyvä niin — myös naisten näkökulmaa kaivataan. Ala on mielenkiintoinen ja kehittyvä, ja se pystyy tarjoamaan palveluita, joita perinteinen pankkisektori ei vielä pysty tarjoamaan. Heidin viesti alasta kiinnostuneille on kannustava: “Ei tarvitse olla diplomi-insinööri että voi kiinnostua alasta ja sijoittaa kryptovaluuttoihin!”

Mistä lohkoketjuteknologiassa on kysymys?

Heidi kertoo, että hän näkee lohkoketjuteknologian globaalina maksujärjestelmänä, joka mahdollistaa arvon tai tiedon siirron yksityisten ihmisten välillä teknologian avulla, ilman pankkia. …

Tanzania is a country with its population consisting of about 70% of children and youth. With this in mind, it is important to take their needs into account in policy making. In #takeaction podcast, Michael Marwa talks about C-Sema and their mission to make the voices of children and youth heard by the government and officials.

Helping Children by Bringing their Message to the Government

C-Sema helps the voices of children and youth be heard by the government. This is important because children and youth make up about 70% of the country’s population, Michael Marwa notes. That is why…

End of May 2021, We Encourage launched a first test version of AINO — AINO will be developed to become a conversational tool for victims of domestic and gender-based violence. The goal of AINO is to offer psychosocial support to victims of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and gender-based violence.

AINO is an accessible tool for victims of domestic violence: you can access it with your phone or laptop, regardless of the time or place. It offers a smoother, simpler way to take the first step towards acknowledging one’s situation and seeking for help. …

This time in #takeactionpodcast, Elaine Birks-Mitchell, the founder of the Bra Recyclers, talks about her living from giving: her business of giving back and helping women by recycling bras. She knows there are numerous benefits to recycling. She also knows that a bra is not just a bra — it can help and support women in many situations. Tune in and learn about the different ways a bra can empower women, and what we can all do to reduce textile waste.

Why Recycle Your Bra?

Grave environmental impact and poor working conditions are common themes that make headlines when…

We live in a society where gender roles are clearly visible in our everyday lives. So many aspects of our lives are affected by narrow expectations inflicted upon us by society. The role of a woman can be very narrow and conflicting. Gender stereotypes and norms are not only annoying — they are harmful and affect women’s lives on many different levels. One of them is women’s physical and mental safety and wellbeing — harmful gender norms contribute to violence against women.

Gender Stereotyping

Gender stereotypes contain assumptions and prejudiced views about the attributes and roles that are expected of…

We Encourage

We Encourage is on a mission to empower women and girls under oppression. We act as a fundraising agent and build open source AI tool for victims of violence.

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